Tales From the shipyard - screening at QFT in Belfast

February 18 2011

From the 25th February 2011 - 3rd March 2011 - This Working Life: Tales from the Shipyard draws on some of the remarkable films & TV programmes held in the BFI National Archive, the Scottish Screen Archive and the Northern Region Film & Television Archive.

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CEO Announced for Titanic Belfast

January 27 2011

Titanic Foundation Limited, the organisation behind the new Iconic Titanic Signature Building, Titanic Belfast, has announced that Cliodhna Craig has been appointed Chief Executive.

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Merry Christmas from 1910 - what a cracker… courtesy of the British Film Institute

December 23 2010

Here is a beautiful piece of history from 1910 (the year that Harland and Wolff began Titanic’s construction). The BFI clip is all about the lost art of the making of Christmas Crackers - kindly provided on youtube by the British Film Institute (if viewing this post on iphone - visit www.titanicdock.com to view accompanying video).

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BBC Report - New species of bacteria found in Titanic ‘rusticles’

December 06 2010

A never-before-seen microbe has been found in the wreck of RMS Titanic.The Halomonas titanicae bacterium was found in “rusticles”, the porous and delicate icicle-like structures that form on rusting iron.

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Titanic Dock now live on the ipad!

October 12 2010

We are happy to let all of you lucky enough out there to have an ipad that we’ve successfully launched our new Titanic Dock for ipad app - and it’s FREE to download!

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Day 6 of Experience NI, Titanic and more at Grand Central Terminal, New York City - by Susie Millar

September 28 2010

Greetings from the Big Apple - This evening, folks will be taking a ‘bite’ of the showcase event, with travel trade representatives and others who bring tourism to Ireland being schmoozed by the likes of me! Of course, I will be ably assisted by Tourism Minister Arlene Foster and Culture Minister Nelson McCausland, who will also be in attendance.

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