Part I - ‘We’re all on Titanic’ the musings of Michael McCaughan back in 2006

December 21 2009

I came across a very interesting article from 2006, written by Michael McCaughan, Museum Curator at Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, headlined ‘We’re all on Titanic’.  I thought the headline pertinent, particularly in the wake of failure at last week’s environmental summit in Copenhagen. In a year that has shown a global banking system seemingly more collapsible than a deck chair and a year which has highlighted the shadowy spectre of a decade of lies relating to various war-mongering around the world, I wonder what his feelings are now, three years on?  We’ll seek out an interview from Michael in the New Year but for now, here’s the first of 3 posts relating his musings in the 2006 article.  Michael has also written ‘The Titanic Birth of the Titanic’, published by Blackstaff Press (link below). 

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Ireland’s Largest Concrete Pour sets Belfast’s Titanic Signature Project in Motion

December 16 2009

Ireland’s largest single concrete pour to date has taken place, marking a significant milestone in construction work on the £97m Titanic Signature Project at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. Developers Harcourt Construction carried out the pour, which saw 4,200 cubic metres of concrete laid 8m below ground level across an area of 3,800 square metres near the slipway at the 185-acre Titanic Quarter development in Belfast city centre.

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Avoid Titanic Catastrophe. Focus on Copenhagen and our Future. The AVAAZ Team

December 08 2009

Climate deniers and fossil fuel lobbyists are stopping at nothing to kill a Copenhagen deal.

Help to Fight back! Click on the link below to support this once in a lifetime opportunity to work towards a life sustaining climate for future generations.

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Titanic families commemorate 50th Anniversary of Monument’s relocation - still in the shadow

December 02 2009

On Sunday 29th November,  the largest ever gathering of Titanic descendants from Northern Ireland took place in Belfast.  Representatives of the families of seven men who were lost on Titanic gathered at the Titanic Memorial in Belfast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the monument’s relocation.  It was an emotional occasion which was also used to draw attention to the plight of the memorial, which is currently enveloped by the Belfast Wheel.  (Image Courtesy Photopress Belfast)

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