Titanic families commemorate 50th Anniversary of Monument’s relocation - still in the shadow

December 02 2009

On Sunday 29th November,  the largest ever gathering of Titanic descendants from Northern Ireland took place in Belfast.  Representatives of the families of seven men who were lost on Titanic gathered at the Titanic Memorial in Belfast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the monument’s relocation.  It was an emotional occasion which was also used to draw attention to the plight of the memorial, which is currently enveloped by the Belfast Wheel.  (Image Courtesy Photopress Belfast)

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Take a Titanic Leap in 2010!

November 30 2009

Miss Northern Ireland’s Cherie Gardiner launched Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland and Meningitis Research’s exclusive new fundraising event to Northern Ireland.  The search is now on to find 300 daredevils to be the first to ‘Take a Titanic Leap’ for charity.

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Time for Belfast Wheel to move - Susie Millar of Belfast Titanic Society

November 26 2009

It has been two years now since the Belfast Wheel first appeared at City Hall.  At that time, the building itself was being renovated and it was thought the wheel added a bit of life to an otherwise dead area of the city centre.  At Christmas time,  it blended in with the lights and the Christmas market.  The structure was due to stay until April.  (Image Courtesy Photopress Belfast)

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Dedicated to the Loving memory of Annie Clarke & Millvina Dean

November 02 2009

As the world mourns the loss of the last Titanic survivor, we wish to dedicate this site to the memories of Annie Clarke & Millvina Dean and to the incredible and tenacious people of their generation.  In their memory I hope we can support, nurture and develop a wider appreciation of the story and metaphor of Titanic and assist the generations of today to come to understand better, Titanic’s legacy, her lessons and her ultimate message to us from across the age.

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